Cool Tools For Your Daily Finances

Cool Tools For Your Daily Finances

Need a helping hand to stay on top of your daily finances?  Help may be closer than you think – as close as your smartphone, in fact.

While they can’t take the place of one-on-one advice, personal finance apps can make it much easier to stay on top of things like budgeting, paying bills, and saving on the run so you have more time to focus on the things that matter.

Here are five free apps worth downloading – and you can take the findings from along next time you see your financial adviser.

Money health check

Money Health Check gives you just that: a quick check to find out which areas of your finances need attention. Answer some questions and get a list of the five top things you need to do – and tick them off as you complete them.

The app also helps with things like setting financial goals, managing debts, super and asset protection.

Money Health Check is one of four personal finance apps available from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s MoneySmart website. But why stop at one?  You can also download TrackMyGOALS for saving, TrackMySPEND for expenses and Money Smart Financial Calculator, which lets you access five of MoneySmart’s most popular calculators.


This brilliant app can sync with many of your bank accounts, taking the hassle of data entry and tracking out of your hands.

It automatically categorises your spending into areas like clothes, groceries and fuel so you know where your money is going, and sends automatic bill reminders and notifications of charges to your accounts. Talk about making money easy!


Ideal for small businesses or people with a lot of business expenses, Expensify is an easy way to keep track of those outgoings.

Just snap a photo of your receipt, select which report it should go into, and you’re done. It can also be used to keep track of things like business travel mileage.


This app lets you monitor announcements and developments for up to 20 companies and check the prices of all stocks and key indices such as the All Ordinaries. The only downside is that there is a 20-minute delay on prices.

If you trade shares, also check out your online broker’s offerings. E*TRADE has a highly rated app for those who want to be able to trade stocks while they’re out and about.


A budgeting tool that works on the old “money envelope” idea of setting money aside for different expenses, Goodbudget can be synched across multiple devices so you can share it with your spouse or family.

Getting on top of your daily money will allow you more time to focus on your longer term financial and lifestyle goals.

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