Super and Choice

Super and Choice

There is so much noise out there about Super, it’s enough to confuse anyone. We know we should be bothered but sometimes we put this in the “too hard basket” until later. The problem is each year seems to go by faster than the last and before you know it, it’s D – Day. You don’t want to be the one who “left it too late”, “didn’t plan well enough” and “still have a mortgage at retirement”.

It’s never too soon to plan ahead. To be able to say “glad I found this out now and not later”. We all want peace of mind and to feel that we have security to look forward to. Certainty that we have done the best we can. Wouldn’t it be great to be mortgage free, living the life we dreamed (planned for), travelling and living a healthy retirement?

Life is not only about retirement!

Along the way we don’t want to pay too much tax, we need to be clear about maximising our investments and managing our debt. Covering ourselves for unforseen events and planning for those special occasions. Life is to be enjoyed. The less stress the better!

You do have a choice about Super. You can put it in a simple plan with no advice and maybe “it’ll be right” or you can buy some certainty; you can make use of some of the innovative products available, you can take advantage of tax opportunities and secure your best possible future.Your choice is all about making a decision.