Financial Planning

1.Introduction meeting
The introductory meeting serves the purpose to introduce ourselves, to establish whether we can help you, scope out the service requirements and decide on the fee structure suited to you for our services. 
2. Extraction meeting
During this meeting we extract as much information from you as possible. We discuss your goals and objectives, your current financial situation and your investor risk profile. The more information we receive the better we can match our strategies to reach your objectives.
3. Strategy presentation 
During the presentation we will explain our recommended products. We will present an overview of our advice in ‘plain English’ to make it easy for you to follow and understand how our proposed strategies will achieve your objectives. The plan will be discussed with you to ensure you are comfortable with all proposed products.
4. Strategy implementation
At this point all our strategies have been discussed and fully agreed upon and the implementation phase begins to provide you with a better financial future. We prepare all the required paperwork and lodge it for you.
5. Review and evaluation 
Nothing stays the same and we encourage annual meetings to evaluate any change of circumstances or provide you with improved options due to changes in available products.
We believe this is an important plan of our service to maximise the outcome.